DIY 2003

Apr 2003
My DIY Speaker systems, I have here tried to make the best possible speakers.

Mar 2003
The system is a dipole design from 90-600 Hz which I believe is the most important range not to get destroyed by any cabinet or room resonances. The idea came from Linkwitz´s Phoenix system.

Feb. 2003
To measure the speakers I use DLSA pro which is an external system connected to the laptops printer port.

Apr. 2003
The crossover before the installation behind the main speakers.

Mar 2003
ATC & ScanSpeak D29:
Measurement with an open window on 2msec and 30gr.

Jan 2003

I use 19 mm MDF. The button plate is from AudioMagic and is made of 20 mm iron! The lowest part of the baffle is filled with 6 litres of sand and therefore the weight is about 52 kg!


Woofer: 12" Peerless 830500 XLS, Fs=18Hz, Qts=0,20, Vas=140L, +-12,5mm
Cabinet:    41L Sealed, Fc=37Hz, F3=80Hz, Qtc=0,39


The Drivers:

ScanSpeak D2905/9900 - Revelator.
Some will say it is the best tweeter that exists. Others are more fond of the sister model 9700. It is very important to take care of the impedance peak at Fs and also damp the peak in the range from 2-5Khz.


ATC SM75-150S.
Studio unit - made for people who want the best!
It weights over 8 kg! ATC and Proac use it between 380 &4000Hz, I let it go in from 600hz.

ScanSpeak 21W-8554.
Not very used in hifi speakers but Linkwitz shows the way to do it: Dipole system,
"The best box is no box at all" !

Peerless 12" XLS 830500.
Most importend of all:: Use this driver together with one, two or three passive drivers or a port - but why? Then they get a linear response down to 20 Hz measured in a perfect room that no one has!
Instead, build a 40-50L sealed cabinet and you get at super sub with a perfect impulse. What the room does not amplify. Use an equalizer - Behringer 8024.