DIY 2005


First Spy Shots

Open bafle - Front    Open Bafle - side      
 Finished system - Front     Finished system - Side 


Woofer section

Bafle under constuction   Woofer - Close up
Full dipole design

Four 12"
Peerless SLS 830669 per channel.
  The hamonica structur of the bafle dos that it is possible to have 4 x 12" woofer on a line and still have the tweeter in ear high.


Midrange section

Original ScanSpeak driver  Dust cap removed  40% of the spider removed Spider  Extra 2 magnets mounted  Extra 2 magnets mounted
Full dipole design - of course !

I have used this ScanSpeak
21W-8554 for a long time but now I have made some modification:
1. Cut away the dust cap.
2. Cut away about 40% of the backspider
3. Mounted two exstra magnets
4. Mounted a PhasePlug


Mounted driver from the back     Mounted driver - front



Tweeter section

Fountek + CD  From back 
I have waited for about three month to get this new tweeter !
Its a Pure Ribbon transducer: Fountek NeoPro5i the ribbon size is 15x145 mm and it goes down to 1 khz.


Filter & Eq. section

System setup 
Pure digital crossover + equalizer direct connected to six channels Class-D Poweramplifier.

System Setup:
CD-Player:  Classic No01b
Equalizer:    Behringer DEQ2496
Filter:            Behringer DCX2496
Amplifier:     NLE DACT CT1 - 6 decks

                      6 channels ZapPulse 2.1