DIY 2007 - Up scaling




Woofer section

After have using the TACT W210 for a while I must admit that the only woofer system for hifi in my listning room is Dipole - so back again to make a new dipole design...




Pictures from my little lab...

The dipole is made from a cardboard paper tupe with two open windows.

And as usual; Peerless woofers this time two 15" very similar to them in the Jamo R909 design:
Type 830867


-  Near felt
-  Impedance
-  To show the dipoles direction, the messurement are made in my little lab; 3.8 x 2.3 meters
-  a very small room !
-  0
= blue,   45 = red,   90 = green,   135 = pink,   180 = lightblue
-  Special the 90
messurement shows how little sound they sent out to the sides !


Main section


Audiostatic DCM-5
Electrostatic made in Holland by Ben Peters:



-  Impedance
-  Freq. mess is comming



System Setup

SqueezeBox 3 - All music are rip in FLAC mode
Lyngdorf TDA 2200+
Classic No01b
Audiostatic DCM-5
DIY SUB - Dipole


I have now used the Squeezebox for about 8 month and must say that the CD player is only for backup... I use the digital output on both of them.
The next think is to make the acoustics in the room better - diffusers and absobtions is in the highest priority ! 
I have experiment a lot with the crossover freq.  and run now with 160 hz 48db/octave.

The Audiostatics are not easy speakers !
Room treatments and the EQ in the Lyngdorf are the solutions.
The speakers has a wide peak in the sensitive midrange area.